About David Hill

The BBQ Pro is David Hill.

David Hill, the BBQ Pro

David Hill, the BBQ Pro

What makes me The BBQ Pro?

Why should you listen to me when it comes to cooking great BBQ?

“BBQ is my true passion. I love everything about the cooking and the lifestyle. The time spent with friends cooking, drinking, eating and enjoying each other’s company is what BBQ is all about.

I guess I should have called the store ‘The BBQ Preacher’ because that’s the way I approach my work. I want every customer to feel my passion for the BBQ lifestyle so that they can go home and make it part of their life. Good food, good friends and family and spending time with them make for good times.”

My Background

I had no real culinary schooling. I just picked up tips and lessons from anyone that wouldn’t throw me out of the kitchen.

David in friend Andre’s Santa Barbara backyard, enjoying Texas chiles.

I guess pizza was my first passion. I went from cooking pizzas in my college dorm room for fellow students to pioneering Take’n’Bake Pizza at Valentino’s in Santa Barbara in 1981. I then proceeded to run every known chain of pizza out there. You name the pizza chain, I worked there. In 1986 I opened a gourmet “California” pizza restaurant in Fair Oaks – Charlie’s California Pizza – waaay, waay before anyone else had even thought of it.

David’s ’65 Nova in front of Charli’s circa 1988.

But man cannot live on pizza alone.

In Santa Barbara, I had a beautiful antique Wedgewood stove with a griddle. It would have cooked anything in the world perfectly had I ever used it. The problem was that it was in the kitchen and in sunny Santa Barbara, nobody ever cooked INSIDE the house. Everything was cooked and eaten outside with all the neighbors hanging out. I never labeled it “BBQ” (this was California, after all) but we grilled everything and ate outside every night with friends: Authentic Santa Maria Tri-tip (to us it was just “Tri-tip”), fresh caught fish and avocados picked from our tree.

Come to think of it, I was “Qing” before I even knew it was something.

Then I met the Big Green Egg. Dan Maloney, a local publisher, told me about them and suggested I look into selling them. One cook on the EGG and I was hooked.

Warning: To everyone who buys an EGG, you are now on a slippery slope. It happened to me. First, we tried a few simple dishes. That lead to wanting to do them really well, then it was off to our first competition. Fast forward a decade and bunch of awards and here we are breaking away from the family hardware business to go “whole hog” into the BBQ business.

So that’s how I got here… living each day with good friends and food. I invite you to come on by and experience true BBQ. We offer grills, utensils, rubs, sauces and charcoal on a slightly different level. We are taking all our products up a couple notches. You will not find anything in our store at big box stores. Quality cutlery, specialty rubs and award winning sauces and real BBQ knowledge is what you will find here. Look forward to seeing you here.

What is BBQ? Life. Just living, cooking and eating.


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    Hi David,

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