BBQ Class Schedule

The BBQ Pro BBQ Classes are a real passion for us. As BBQ enthusiasts and professionals, we can’t help talking and teaching about low and slow barbeque (not to be confused with grilling.) We provide great recipes, great BBQ advice and some great eats!

We’re excited about sharing our barbeque expertise and about our “backyard” space in Fair Oaks Village.
All classes are conducted on our Big Green EGGS (we’re partial), but you don’t need to own one to enjoy our classes. The skills we show you are applicable to any barbecue.

Please Note:, You need to enroll online (or pay in-store) in order to be assured a place in the class. The in-store class list is only an “I’m Interested” list. We have a first enrolled, first come policy. 

Next Class: 

Low and Slow Ribfest February 12th.

Who doesn’t love smoked ribs. They are what synonymous with the word BBQ and everyone should know how to do them right. Let us show you how to make championship quality ribs and elevate you to Grill Master of the neighborhood with our Low and Slow Ribfest Class. We will cook St. Louis style Spare Ribs, meaty Baby Back Ribs and the most amazing Beef Ribs ever. In this class we do our world famous Mac ‘n Cheese, a seasonal veggie and a killer desert. You don’t want to miss this class, so sign up soon on the PayPal link below.


Class Highlights: 

• Grill setup for low and slow smoking

• Recipes for St. Louis style Pork Spare Ribs, Baby Back Ribs and Beef Short Ribs

. Primer on smoking woods choices

Cost: $70.00 per person

Time: 4:30 – 7:30 pm

Location: The BBQ Pro Store at 10136 Fair Oaks Blvd. 


2017 EGG Nation Class Schedule

Please note: Schedule subject to change.

February 12: Slow Smoked Ribfest

March 12: Chicken, Chicken, Chicken

April 9: Pizza Party

May 14: Pulled Pork 

June 11: Santa Maria Tri-Tip

July 16: Steak and Burgers

August 13: Slow Smoked Ribfest

September 10: Pizza

October 15: Smoked Brisket

November 12: Thanksgiving Turkey

December 10: Prime Rib