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#ET-73 Remote Smoker Thermometer

Remote Wireless Cooking Thermometer: Maverick Model #ET-71OS 
Programmable meat thermometer with timer, monitor internal temperature of meats as they cook, both at the source and up to 100’ away. Wireless receiver displays alert and actual temperatures and beeps when meat is done. Just two buttons with up / down arrows let you set your target food temperature to 110°F, 140°F, 180°F or anywhere in between. Use with indoor oven or outdoor grill. Heat resistant probe wire fits through oven door or grill lid and connects to transmitter. 4 AAA batteries included. 

bbq pro bear paws

Bear Paws: Essential for BBQ Pulled Pork

Bear Paws 
Bear Paws shred BBQ pork, lifts roasts easily and helps hold down the meat during carving. We have been using this tool for many years and swear by it! The natural grip and stay cool handles help you take BBQ from grill to pan to platter with ease. 

Poultry Button Thermometer

Poultry Button Thermometer 
Insert reusable stainless probe into poultry and at a glance and from a distance you can see when your turkey, chicken or other poultry has reach the perfect doneness. Works in the grill or in the oven. 



BBQ Marinade Injector

BBQ Marinade Injector Keep the driest meats moist and flavorful during cooking. Reusable hypodermic style needle injects marinades, melted butter or other flavorings into meats. Well made 2.5″ stainless steel injector needle screws apart for easy cleaning. Resists clogging.  


Cast Iron Grill Press

Cast Iron Grill Press This cast iron grill press has a raised ridge pattern on the bottom and hardwood handles. It’s great for getting good contact with the grill and for the most impressive grill marks. This press is pre-seasoned.   


BQQ Grill Brushes

Wide Selection of Grill Brushes Keep your grill clean and your food tasting great. Wood, quality plastic and metal.  

More listings to come!

More listings coming soon!

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