Big Green Egg Safety Tips

Always place and use your Egg in a safe and level spot. DO NOT place an EGG on slopes, uneven surfaces or under low branches. Use the locking casters on the wheels once the EGG is moved into position. DO NOT attempt to move your EGG while cooking or when charcoal is hot.

PULL, don’t push. When moving your EGG in the metal nest, place both hands on the Nest or Handler and pull the EGG behind you. Do not push it ahead of you. The Nest or Handler are not designed to roll over uneven terrain such as gravel, or to be rolled on soft terrain. Always make sure you have stable footing and have an extra pair of hands helping if necessary.

Avoid Back Drafts or Flashback Once an EGG is lit, always vent or “burp” it before opening the dome fully by cracking it a few times about an inch or two first – this allows the incoming air to enter slowly and helps avoid a flashback. Use extra caution when opening a hot EGG with closed vents. If you have a flame flare-up – close the lid and close the air vents to control the flame, and use extreme caution when re-opening your EGG. It is always advisable to wear heat protective gloves.

LIFT grate with the Grill Gripper Use the specially designed Big Green Egg Grill Gripper to pick up and lift hot cooking grids. Hold the Gripper so that one prong grips the grid from underneath. If you try to grip from directly above the grid you won’t have enough cantilever force to lift it.

DON’T attempt to remove or adjust Firebox when it is hot or contains any warm charcoal, and DO NOT attempt to remove any lit charcoal from the Firebox  Internal ceramics will remain hot for long periods. Handle with Care.

DON’T look down the top vent when the EGG is in use or if the charcoal is lit  This is dangerous behavior. Hot air can burn or singe you.

DO use caution when touching exterior of EGG  Exterior surfaces are HOT when in use. Always keep children, pets, and combustible items away from your EGG.

DON’T attempt to cook with the Patented Dual-Function Metal cap removed Your EGG will accelerate to very hot temperatures quickly and you cannot control temperature without the adjustable cap in place.

Do keep the Patented Draft Door Spark Screen closed to prevent fire hazards  This will minimize any sparks or hot coals from exiting the lower draft door. Do not place the EGG in proximity to combustible ground cover such as leaves or other potential fire hazards.

Take Care if removing the Plate Setter or Pizza/Baking Stone when the EGG is in use  The ceramics will be extremely hot. Take care to place them somewhere where they can’t burn anyone or harm surfaces. Always exercise caution and keep children and pets away from proximity to an EGG while in use.

Always use protective gloves and gripping tools to avoid burns. Exercise caution not to set hot items on or near combustible surfaces.

NEVER use water to extinguish your EGG  Simply close both air vents and it will extinguish itself.

DO NOT USE LIGHTER FLUID OR ANY FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS  Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal lights easily when using the Natural Fire Starter or Electric Fire Starter for best results. NEVER use charcoal briquettes, lighter fluids or any flammable liquids in your EGG.

DO not place an EGG directly on a wood surface or near any combustible surface  The bottom of the ceramic does generate significant heat when in use, and may cause combustion if placed directly on or in proximity to any combustible material. The EGG is designed to be used in a metal Nest or with the metal table Nest, allowing for an air gap below the EGG. Alternately, a concrete paver block may be used to support the EGG when used in a table. For maximum heat protection, a paver block and a metal table Nest can be used in combination. Always close both vents fully upon conclusion of cooking.

 DO be aware of Fire Hazards  Do not leave your lit EGG with the dome open if it is unattended. Be aware of dry leaves, decking and other combustible materials that may be in proximity to an EGG while it is in use, as they may present a fire hazard if any hot charcoal or sparks are allowed to come into contact. Do be aware of your surroundings if using an EGG while camping or on cookouts, as any open flame can present a hazard to people and property. Do be aware that local ordinances may specify distance to place any outdoor cooker from a structure or may limit outdoor flame of any type during drought or fire hazard periods.

DO NOT Attempt to Light or Use an EGG Indoors  The EGG must always be placed outdoors, away from structures and NEVER inside or in proximity to an enclosed area. DO NOT attempt to light or use an EGG near any storage area that may contain combustible materials.

Please take care to maintain safe operation of the EGG and exercise reasonable standards of care at all times.


2 Responses to “Big Green Egg Safety Tips”

  1. Mike May 18, 2017 at 10:12 am #

    I am researching the BGE. I have concerns re: use on screened porch. The porch is 10′ wide and 42′ long with 8′ ceiling. The floor is pressure treated wood. My concerns relate to safety and creating a lot of smoke that would might find it’s way into home.
    are there minimum guidelines for setbacks from wood surface and screens. If I proceed, the BGE would be on a nest.
    Advice would be appreciated.

    • The BBQ Pro of Fair Oaks May 29, 2017 at 9:24 pm #

      I apologize for not getting back sooner. I am slow to this technology stuff. If I am picturing your situation correctly you have a screened porch rather than glass/screen combo? and with some direct access to the main living area? If there was a door to the porch area that could close you would be ok depending on proximity and usage. Big Green Eggs smoke most upon light up and first contact with food, then they settle in and clean up. On long cook you can hardly tell that they are on. Your screened porch will probably begin to smell like a smokehouse with time and that would be an issue. As far as safety, smoke does contain carbon monoxide and lack of excellent ventilation would create an exposure issue. Wood flooring is used very frequently for decking and these grills live happily on them. That said, it is still wood. We do have fire mats that go underneath for added security. As far as setbacks, I would refer to your local municipality on that. My hunch would be that they would prefer it outside. In a long rambling conclusion, I am leaning towards not being the best option to be inside a screened room unless location and ventilation were great.

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