Garlic Festival Foods

Garlic Seasonings for an Authentic California Treat!

In 1986, Garlic Festival® Foods began with Garli Garni as their first and still most popular product. They then went on to create an entire line of award-winning “garlic laced” products that are marketed nationwide. Users proclaim they are “addicted” to Garli Garni and can’t cook without it. Many have tried, and failed, to reproduce the unique blend of garlic and herbs which enhance, rather than overwhelm, the flavor of the foods on which it is used.

This is a favorite of ours, great on seafood, chicken, veggies and more!

We carry Garli Garni in 4 varieties:

Garli Garni

Garli Garni Low Sodium

Lemon Garli Garni

Mesquite Grill

2 sizes:
2.8o and 1 lb., 9oz sizes


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