Santa Maria Grills


BBQ Pro Santa Maria Grills

Authentic Santa Maria Grills are designed to barbecue over red hot coals like true Californians. These grills are used to make Santa Maria Style BBQ, which consists primarily of sirloin, tri-tip, and sausages grilled over hot California red oak coals. Grill is lowered to sear meat, then raised to finish it off slowly, giving it a nice “bark” with a succulent juicy inside.

These grills are made to the industry’s highest standards by JD Fabrications, with fireboxes made of fill 10 guage steel and with adjustable height 3/8 inch steel grill grates.


This BBQ Pro Exclusive Features:
• Full 10 Gauge Steel Construction with 12″ Deep Firebox. (714 sq inches of grilling area)
• Drain Hole in Firebox
• Adjustable Grill Height with cable wire that is 3mm aircraft cable w/adjustable wire clamps
• Channel guide is constructed of 2″ x 1″x 3/16″ steel and is welded 1.120″ from the bottom of the pit for easy installment of split firebricks.
• 3/4″ 9 gauge expanded metal grate
• Over-sized compression spring for easy grill height adjustment.
• Includes Two inset Bamboo Cutting Boards and fire poker
• Towel Rack
• Equipped with a Full Axle and 2 8″ Solid Rubber Wheels for Easy Movement
• Supported by Full Square Tubing
• Coated with High Heat Enamel Except for Cooking Surfaces.
• Fully welded not tacked.
• Made in U.S.A. (Santa Maria, CA to be exact!)
• Limited Two Year Manufacturers Warranty, excluding Rust, paint, excessive heat warping, and  Burn-Through.
• Customize your grill with your name, artwork or “Ranch Brand”  (optional – ask us about pricing)

4 Responses to “Santa Maria Grills”

  1. Steve Zarwell May 2, 2014 at 8:54 pm #

    Can I arrange a appt on a Monday to view your santa Marie BBQ ?

    • The BBQ Pro of Fair Oaks May 5, 2014 at 8:20 am #

      WE are closed on Monday but I am always there doing paperwork. I will be there from 11 -5 this Monday. Please call me at 595-7444 to let me know if you will be coming. Thanks for the interest in the Santa Maria grill.

  2. Judy October 24, 2015 at 7:52 pm #

    Hi, can you give me a price for the grilled shipped to NM? Thanks!

  3. tvancoughnett November 15, 2015 at 6:44 am #

    hello…I am from Sudbury Ontario Canada and am wondering if the santa maria bbq is sold anywhere in Ontario Canada and is there a Canadian site I can access

    thank you kindly

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