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BBQ Gift Packs

California BBQ Feast

California BBQ Gift Pack
for an Authentic California Feast!

The California BBQ Bucket gives you all the BBQ tools you need to cook an authentic California BBQ Feast. These authentic tasty Made in California products including California Red Oak chips impart the distinct flavor of California’s Central Coast. Great BBQ gift for Dads or Newlyweds!

Product Details $49.99
SKU:BQP-001Weight: 6.00lb
Temporarily Out of Susie Q seasoning until Feb. 2015

California BBQ Feast Includes:

10oz Susie Q Brand Original Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning • 19oz Pinquito Beans with Seasoning • 8.5oz Garli Garni Hot Salsa •  Garlic Festival Chipotle Lime BBQ Sauce • 37 cu. in. Red Oak Wood Chips • PLUS Original BBQ Pro Recipe: The BBQ Pro’s official recipe and technique for Authentic Santa Maria BBQ Tri-tip.