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BBQ Recipe Booklets

The BBQ Pro California Recipes Booklet

California BBQ Recipes
Downloadable Booklet

Available Now! We’ve been holding BBQ Classes for over 7 years. For the first time we are offering  class tested and Pitmaster approved recipes.The California BBQ Recipes Downloadable Cook-booklet has original and authentic recipes and techniques from our years as BBQ competitors and BBQ “professors”. Master the flavors of California’s rich and varied BBQ Culture through recipes centered on the Big Green Egg, although you don’t need to own one to use these great recipes. 26 pages of recipes, each recipe has a full color photo. Downloadable PDF. See what’s in it!


Product Details $9.99
SKU: BQP-101

California BBQ Recipes Booklet Includes:

16 Recipes: “Squeeze Inn” style Sliders, Santa Maria Style Tri-tip, Tri-tip with Dueling Marinades, Baby Back Ribs with Cherry Zinfandel BBQ Sauce, Competition Chicken Thighs, Grilled Oysters, Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers, Grilled “Guacs”, The BBQ Pro’s Famous Mac & Cheese, Santa Maria style Pinqito Beans, Artisan Bread, Grilled Asparagus, California Green Salad, Brownies with Pretzel Bacon Crust, Peach Walnut Upside Down Cake, Grilled Strawberry Shortcake & more!


The BBQ Pro Ultimate Owner’s Guide

Available Soon – we are working on this now. Nearly 10 years of cooking, installing teaching and living the Big Green Egg® went in to this BBQ Pro Ultimate Guide for the Big Green Egg. Much more than a “How-to” Guide, this will give you expert tips and techniques along with recipes that allow you to use those expert techniques. You will transform your Big Green Egg from a backyard grill to a way to take your grilling and barbecue imagination to new heights.

Product Details $15.99
SKU: BQP-102

The BBQ Pro Ultimate Owner’s Guide Includes:

Tips and techniques for using the Big Green Egg, ceramic cooking techniques, wood variety choice and method, mastering the  temperature control, wood-fired cooking techniques, recipes for traditional and non-traditional dishes on this ultimate cooking appliance. Much more!