The Grill Tender

The Grill Tender

Great BBQ Made Easy 

The Grill Tender is a charcoal barbecue grill with patent pending technology that controls the cooking temperature for you! It manages temperature allowing you to make great barbecue effortlessly and without the guesswork. You simply light the coals and set the desired temperature on the built-in state-of-the-art temperature control.

The electronic management system checks temperature every 10 seconds and automatically adjusts to maintain cooking temperature. It’s just like your oven but even more accurate! Its design allows for total versatility. You can barbecue, grill, smoke and even bake with the indirect and direct cooking areas. Clean up is a breeze with an ash pan that is easy to remove. Come into The BBQ Pro to see the real deal!


  • Dual Vent System: Provides fast acting temperature control
  • Built-in Computer: Allows user to set grill temperature just like an oven
  • Indirect Heat Area: Great for slow cooking roasts or poultry and baking
  • Direct Heat Area: Ideal for steaks, burgers and sausages
  • Built in Water/Drip Pan: Provides thermal mass for minimal temperature fluctuation, easy clean up. Built into cooking grate close to food.
  • Heavy Duty Hardware: Built to last for years
  • Food Warmer: Separate low temperature area for warming delicate foods or keeping meals warm
  • Double Walled Doors: Insulated to optimize coal life
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: One year.

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