Day Tripping Coastal Cuisine

Hog Island Oyster Co.

David and Chris in front of Hog Island Oyster Co.


On a recent trip to the coast, we found ourselves on Highway 1 along Tomales Bay. Never been there and had no idea we had stumbled into the oyster capital of  the West. I’ve shucked, slurped and grilled oysters but have never given any thought to where they come from. We learned that there is this totally cool cultural experience revolving around oysters.

After passing several oyster farms we just had to stop and check one out. Let the party begin!  Again, we had no idea what we were getting into and were un-prepared  but the good folks at the Hog Island Oyster farm were happy to help at every turn. We were set up with a bag of oysters, a knife and found a picnic table and grill. As the fire started, I shucked the oysters and we chose some different sauces to doctor up our little friends before grilling.

Hog Island prep tray

The prep tray.


Hog Island Oyster BBQ Fire

Starting the fire.


4 minutes over direct heat on the grill. Technically, that’s all there is to it but there is so much more to the experience. Hog Island has about 20 tables and they are packed with fun, freindly people drinking wine and beer and sharing food and stories with new friends on their tables. Many groups came totally prepared with other tasty goodies to grill and others, like us, were all about the oysters.


Hog Island Oyster Co. crowd

The picnic site is a big party/cookout.


Food is supposed to be social – bringing friends together and our day at Hog Island oyster farm was a great time. It’s everything we stand for at the BBQ Pro:  Good food, good friends and good times, give it a try soon.

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