Eggfest 2012 – Bacon-A-Rama


This past weekend we attended our seventh Eggs by the Bay and I am moved to muse about the event for a couple of good reasons: Eggfests are events that feature our favorite cooking device – the Big Green Egg, and at this one there were 350 attendees enjoying the most original and creative food from thirty EGGS. Thirty people cook all kinds of BBQ dishes for about 300, trying to entice votes for a “peoples choice” popularity contest. Our results notwithstanding, we had a great time because we enjoy meeting the people who come.


We have been to all seven of these Eggfests and many of the people that cook have been “repeat offenders”  as well. These folks have become friends and the bond between all of us is what keeps us coming back: Great food and great company. Whether it’s at the cocktail party the night before, chatting during the event or in the hotel hot tub afterwards, the time we spend with our friends talking about cooking (and eating) is what it’s all about.


At this event we cooked two incredible dishes that featured bacon: We cured our pork bellies and smoked the bacon low and slow for many hours before slicing and using it in our dishes.

Home Cured and Smoked Bacon Recipe (coming soon)

Praline Bacon Candy Recipe

Brownies with Pretzel Bacon Crust and Caramel Red Wine Sauce

Our bacon was a huge hit with the crowd and the compliments are wonderful but for me, it all gets back to the joy of just being with people having a good time and enjoying food. Sharing my food and teaching others about barbecue is my favorite thing to do. I encourage you to fire up your grill and have some friends over and enjoy each others company over some great BBQ.

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