EggNation BBQ Wings Recipe

EggNation BBQ Wings Recipe

EggNation BBQ Wings
Recipe Type: Appetizer
Author: BBQ Pro Jennifer Hill
Serves: 6
There are many BBQ Wings recipes out there but this is one that you can easily cook with a beer in one hand. This is an easy delicious way to feed a crowd while still enjoying the game.
  • Approx. 3 lbs. or 24 Chicken Wings Fresh or Frozen (See notes)
  • BBQ Rub of your choice (we like Dizzy Pig Rubs, especially Jamaican Firewalk)
  • Butter Flavor Nonstick Cooking Spray
  • “Small” Rectangular Aluminum Foil Pan (approx. 10” x 14”)
  1. Set up barbecue for indirect heat at 325°F. Let stabilize.
  2. Add chicken wings to foil pan.
  3. Spray wings liberally with cooking spray, tossing to coat. Then sprinkle wings liberally with rub, alternately spraying with Butter Spray and rub and tossing until liberally coated.
  4. Place pan in barbecue and close lid.
  5. Toss wings every 10–15 minutes with a spoon or tongs, adding spraying the wings and sprinkling with rub as needed. Toss them with tongs, making sure all of the wings are coated.
  6. After about an hour, or until wings are cooked, remove the pan from the barbecue, then put wings directly on the grill to crisp them up a little. At this stage you can glaze these with the BBQ sauce of your choice but they are great just with a good rub.
  7. Cooking times: Frozen wings take about 1 hour without thawing .Fresh wings will take about 45 minutes.



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