The BBQ Pro Whole BBQ Chicken Recipe

BBQ Pro Whole BBQ Chicken

BBQ Pro Whole BBQ Chicken

There is something for everyone when you cook a whole chicken and the leftovers make great soup. Whole chickens are cheap and this recipe takes no effort at all. Just rub it and roast it. No turning, no fussing, just stick it on the grill and remember to get it in an hour or so. This is my favorite dish because I don’t have to leave the couch but twice – unless I need another beer.

Whole BBQ Chicken

Serves: About 4

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 75 minutes


One Whole Chicken

Butter Flavored Non-Stick Cooking Spray

4 Tbs. BBQ Rub (We prefer Mansmith’s Poultry Rub)


Stainless Steel or Non-Stick Wire Vertical Chicken Roaster


Clean the chicken, rinsing and taking out the giblets and neck (these and the leftover bones make a great soup or stock).
Coat the chicken with the Butter Flavored Non-stick Cooking Spray, covering well. Rub the chicken liberally all over, pulling the skin of the breast back and sprinkling it between the skin and meat. Let sit at least an hour or more before cooking in the refrigerator. You can also do this in the morning – then it will be ready to cook at dinner time.
Set up your EGG for direct cooking at 300-325°F.
Put the vertical roaster all the way up the cavity of the chicken and out the neck hole. Make sure the neck hole is wide open so the air flows through. The magic of this Vertical Chicken Roaster is how the hot air goes through the chicken cavity and cooks it from the inside out as well as outside in. It makes the chicken unbelievably moist and tender and cooks it much more evenly throughout the bird.
Add chicken to the grill. This will take about an hour and a quarter to cook and should read at least 165°F when measured on the top of the thigh towards the body.
Let it rest for 15 minutes. This will allow the juices to settle in the meat rather than splash out onto the cutting board. (Yes, it’s that juicy!)
The fun part is carving the bird right on the stand. Pull off the wings at the shoulder and do the same for the thigh/leg section. All that’s left is to slide your knife down the breast bone, removing the breast in one piece.  Now gaze at the glory that is a big juicy breast.
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